Old Time Key of D - Fiddle Tuned To DDAD

Bb     C     Calico     F     GDAD
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  1. Aunt Polly (Earl Collins)
  2. Black Satin (George Mert Reves) new
  3. Blacksnake Bit Me On The Toe (Clyde Davenport)
  4. Boatsman (Marcus Martin)
  5. Boll Weevil (Tommy Jarrell)
  6. Bonaparte's Charge (Alva Greene)
  7. Bonaparte's March into Russia (Sherman Wimmer)
  8. Bonaparte's Retreat (Tommy Jarrell)
  9. Bonaparte's Retreat (Henry Reed)
  10. Bonaparte's Retreat (Arthur Smith)
  11. Bonaparte's Retreat (William Stepp)
  12. Brushy Fork Of John's Creek (Erynn Marshall)
  13. Bush In The Shucks (Benny Thomasson) new
  14. Camp Meeting On The 4th Of July (Canote Brothers)
  15. Christmas Time Is Coming (Hick Edmonds)
  16. Coleman's March (Pete Sutherland)
  17. Cruel Willie (Earl Collins)
  18. Cruel Willie (Howdy Forrester)
  19. Cluckin' Hen (JP Fraley)
  20. Druther Be A Sailor (Earl Collins)
  21. Dry & Dusty (Eck Robertson)
  22. Dry & Dusty (Max Collins)
  23. Dry & Dusty (Morrison Brothers)
  24. Eight Miles From Town Composed and played by (Pete Sutherland)
  25. Hawk Shot A Buzzard (Sherman Hammons)
  26. Houston (Burl Hammons)
  27. Jack O Diamonds (JP Fraley)
  28. Jimalong Josie (James Bryan)
  29. Kingdom Come (Norman Edmonds)
  30. Little Sparrow (Edden Hammons)
  31. Midnight On The Water (Benny Thomasson)
  32. Molly Put The Kettle On (Dewey Hamrick)
  33. Old True Lovers (Edden Hammons)
  34. On My Way To See Nancy (Edden Hammons)
  35. Piney Ridge (William Stepp)
  36. Queen Of The Earth And Child Of The Skies (Edden Hammons)
  37. Raliegh & Spencer (Tommy Jarrell)
  38. Say Old Man, Can I Have your Daughter (Canote Brothers)
  39. Uncle Henry (Violet Hensley)
  40. Wake Robin (Marcus Martin)
  41. Warsaw 42nd (Jimmy Driftwood) by way of Martin-Darrell new
  42. Washington's March (Burl Hammons)
  43. Washington's March (Ernie Carpenter)
  44. Washington's March (Edden Hammons)
  45. Washington's March (Tom Dillon)
  46. Well Into The Double Digits (Mark Simos)
  47. Wounded Hoosier (Marcus Martin)
  48. Yell In The Shoats (Indian Creek Delta Boys)
  49. Zollie's Retreat (Clyde Davenport)

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