Old Time Key of G - Fiddle Tuned To GDAD

Bb     C     Calico     F     DDAD
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  1. Banks Of The Arkansas (Bruce Greene)
  2. BettyBaker (Melvin Wine)
  3. Boatin' Up Sandy (Melvin Wine)
  4. Bonaparte's Retreat (Howard L. Maxey)
  5. Citigo (Marcus Martin)
  6. Cotton Eyed Joe (Carter Brothers & Son)
  7. Cotton Eyed Joe (Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers)
  8. Dandy Lusk (Ferinand Lusk)
  9. Flatwoods (Clyde Davenport)
  10. Flatwoods (Tommy Jarrell)
  11. Granny's Old Pacing Horse (Manon Campbell)
  12. Hell Bound For Alabama (John Carson)
  13. Hook And Line (Dykes Magic City Trio)
  14. Inch Along (Luther Strong)
  15. Indian Nation (Ernie Carpenter)
  16. Indian Nation (Ed Haley)
  17. Indian Nation (Burl Hammons)
  18. Indian Squaw (Ed Haley)
  19. Johnny Court The Widow (Bruce Greene)
  20. Miss Brown (Carter Brothers & Son)
  21. Old Belle Yew And A Little Speck Of Weather (Bruce Greene)
  22. Old Sally Goodin' (Art Stamper)
  23. Old Time Sally Goodin' (Hiram Stamper)
  24. One Eyed Rosie (Clyde Davenport)
  25. Puncheon Floor (Manon Campbell)
  26. Rabbit (Estill Bingham)
  27. Rats In The Meal Barrel (John A Brown)
  28. Rusty Gun (Art Stamper)
  29. Saddle Up The Grey (Carter Brothers & Son)
  30. Sallie Cooper (John Salyer)
  31. Sugarbaby (Melvin Wine)
  32. Susan Loller On Judio (Isham Monday)
  33. Swamp Cat Rag (Lowe Stokes)
  34. Tippy Get Your Hair Cut (Melvin Wine)
  35. Two Little Indians And One Old Squaw (Hiram Stamper)

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