Play Me Something Quick and Devilish

Howard Wight Marshall

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"There is no other book I have read that sheds so much insight into fiddle styles in general, not just Missouri. Missouri is a state with one of the richest fiddle heritages and the list of musicians in this book is seemingly endless. This is a must read for anyone interested in digging deeper into the world of fiddling and not just Appalachian, contest, or festival style fiddling."         Bob Buckingham

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Many thanks to Howard Marshall and Voyager Records , who gave permission for use of the fiddle tunes on the CD included with this book.

  1. Golden Eagle Hornpipe (George Morris 1955)
  2. Electric Hornpipe (George Morris 1955)
  3. Leather Britches (Gene Goforth 1958)
  4. Devil's Dream (Taylor McBaine, ca 1960)
  5. Liverpool Hornpipe (Ed Tharp 1962)
  6. Hickory Hornpipe (George Helton 1963)
  7. Durang's Hornpipe (Cleo Persinger 1964)
  8. Marmaduke's Hornpipe (Jake Hockemeyer 1965)
  9. Fisher's Hornpipe (Jake Hockemeyer 1965)
  10. Dance Around Molly (Pete McMahan 1968)
  11. Flowers Of Edinburgh (Art Galbraith 1969)
  12. Paddy On The Turnpike (Cyril Stinnett 1973)
  13. Spolane Waltz (Emanuel Wood 1974)
  14. Adrian's Reel (Fred Stoneking 1977)
  15. Bonaparte's Retreat (Bunk Williams 1977)
  16. Wake Up Susie (Taylor McBaine 1984)
  17. Bill Driver Tune (R.P. Christeson 1987)
  18. Coming Down From Denver (Johnny Bruce 1988)
  19. Billy In The Low Ground (Kelly Jones 1988)
  20. Raking The Leaves (Lyman Enloe 1989)
  21. Monkey In The Dog Cart (Jim Herd 1991)
  22. Valle Winters Waltz (Lloyd Lalumondier 1991)
  23. Ninth Of January (Bob Holt 1992)
  24. Old Grey Bonnet (Pete McMahan 1993)
  25. Rye Straw (Gene Goforth 1995)
  26. Louisiana Hornpipe (Geoff Seitz 1995)
  27. Oak Ridge Stomp (Nile Wilson 1995)
  28. Whistling Rufus (Gary Johnston 1996)
  29. Moselle (John Hartford 1999)
  30. Arkansas Traveler (Vesta Johnson 1999)
  31. Listen To The Mockingbird (Leroy Canaday 2001)
  32. Black Eyed Susie (Cliff Bryan 2002)
  33. Lauterbach (Billy Lee 2003)
  34. Nine Miles (John White 2007)
  35. Martha Campbell (Warren Helton 2010)
  36. Isabelle Waltz (Warren Helton 2011)
  37. Texas Picnic (Warren Helton 2011)
  38. Darling Nelly Gray (Bobby Joe Caldwell 2011)
  39. Tennessee Wagner (Charlie Walden 2012)
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