Fiddle Tunes From The Old-Time Fiddler's Repertory

The 245 fiddle tunes on this web page can be found in printed form in the book The Old-Time Fiddler's Repertory by R.P. Christeson

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    Key Of A

  1. Granny, Will Your Dog Bite?    (Bob Walters)
  2. Lazy Kate    (Bob Walters)
  3. Frisky Jim    (Bob Walters)
  4. Lady On The Green    (Bob Walters)
  5. Wake Up Susan   (Vee Latty)
  6. Brilliancy    (Red Williams)
  7. The Scolding Wife   (Bob Walters)
  8. Sally In The Garden, Assisting Sam   (Uncle William Raines)
  9. Bear Creek Hop   (Junior Daugherty)
  10. The Cat Came Back
  11. Little White Lies   (Casey Jones)
  12. Jack Danielson's Reel    (Bob Walters)
  13. ParodyParody   (Bob Walters)
  14. Coming Down From Denver   (Bob Walters
  15. Gray Eagle   (Floyd Smith)
  16. Johnny, Bring The Jug Around The Hill   (Bob Walters)
  17. Down Home Rag   (Tom & Eva)
  18. Money Musk    (Bob Walters
  19. Boys Around The World    (Bob Walters)
  20. Red Bird Reel    (Bob Walters)
  21. The Unfortunate Dog   (Bob Walters)
  22. Purcell's Reel    (Bob Walters)
  23. Duncan's Reel   (Bob Walters)
  24. Sleepy Joe    (Bob Walters)
  25. Green Mountain Hornpipe   (Bill Driver)
  26. Sally Lost Her Slipper    (Bill Driver)
  27. Cotton Eyed Joe
  28. Salt River Reel    (Casey Jones)
  29. Paddy On The Turnpike    (Bob Walters)
  30. Last Night In Leadville    (Bob Walters)
  31. The Dusty Miller    (Bob Walters)
  32. Pacific Slope    (Cyril Stinnett)
  33. Tom and Jerry    (Ardell Christopher)
  34. Bill Cheatum    (Floyd Smith)
  35. Breakdown    (Bill Driver)
  36. Breakdown   aka Fox Chase   (Bob Walters)
  37. Breakdown    (Bill Driver)
  38. Breakdown   aka Red Bird   (Bill Driver)
  39. Breakdown    (Vee Latty)
  40. Breakdown    (Bob Walters)
  41. Breakdown   aka Angus Campbell   (Bob Walters)
  42. Key Of Bb

  43. High Level Hornpipe    (Bob Walters)
  44. Oklahoma Redbird mis-titled as Spotted Pony in book    (Tony Gilmore)
  45. Leddy's Hornpipe    (Bob Walters)
  46. St. Joe Hornpipe    (Bob Walters)
  47. Thunderbolt Hornpipe    (Bob Walters)
  48. Effie's Hornpipe    (RP Christeson)
  49. Lonnie's Hornpipe    (Bob Walters)
  50. Casey's Hornpipe   (Bob Walters)
  51. Key Of C

  52. Old Melinda   (Bob Walters)
  53. Wagner's Hornpipe   (Red Williams)
  54. Old Joe   (Bob Walters)
  55. Wagner   (Tony Gilmore)
  56. Billy In The Low Ground   (Bill Driver)
  57. Jump Fingers   (Bob Walters)
  58. Breakdown   (Burnis Harrison)
  59. Breakdown   (Bob Walters)
  60. Breakdown   (Bill Driver)
  61. Breakdown   (Dallas Stamper)
  62. Iberia Breakdown   (Bill Driver)
  63. Breakdown   aka Clyde Durst's Tune   (Bill Driver)
  64. Breakdown   (Bill Driver)
  65. The Lost Indian   (Zeke Holdren)
  66. Breakdown   (Bill Driver)
  67. Breakdown   (Bill Driver)
  68. Breakdown   (Bob Walters)
  69. Tune
  70. Key Of D

  71. Marmaduke's Hornpipe   (Bill Driver)
  72. Buck Reel   (Bob Walters)
  73. Lantern In The Ditch    (Bob Walters)
  74. Black Eyed Susan   (Bob Walters)
  75. Hunter's Hornpipe    (George Morris)
  76. Woodchopper's Reel    (Bob Walters)
  77. Opera Reel   (Jimmy Lewis)
  78. Fisher's Hornpipe    (Bob Walters)
  79. Missouri Mud   (Bob Walters)
  80. Money And Corn    (Bill Driver)
  81. Irish Hornpipe    (Bob Walters)
  82. Smith's Reel    (Bob Walters)
  83. Oyster Girl    (Bob Walters)
  84. Five Miles Out Of Town    (Frame Davis)
  85. Aunt Mary's Hornpipe    (Vee Latty)
  86. Liberty    (Jack Harris)
  87. Old Virginia Reel    (Thomas Michaels)
  88. Two Bits    (Bob Walters)
  89. Johnny, Don't Come Home Drunk    (Bob Walters)
  90. Durang's Hornpipe    (Bill Driver)
  91. Mississippi Sawyer    (Bill Driver)
  92. The Forked Deer    (George Helton)
  93. Jesse Cain's Tune    (Jesse Cain)
  94. Old Dubuque   (Bob Walters)
  95. Zach Wheat's Piece    (George Helton)
  96. Old Aunt Kate    (Bob Walters)
  97. Rocky Mountain Goat    (Ardell Christopher)
  98. American Hornpipe
  99. Hell Among The Yearlings    (Bob Walters)
  100. Dry And Dusty    (Gus Vandergriff)
  101. Breakdown    (Red Williams)
  102. Breakdown    (Bill Driver)
  103. Breakdown    (Aubrey Smith)
  104. Breakdown
  105. Tune    (Bob Walters)
  106. Breakdown
  107. Breakdown aka Step Up Susie    (Bob Walters)
  108. Breakdown    (Bill Driver)
  109. Breakdown    (Helton Brothers)
  110. Breakdown   aka Rocky Road To Jordan  (Bob Walters)
  111. Breakdown    (John Katon)
  112. Breakdown    (Vee Latty)
  113. Breakdown
  114. Key Of E

  115. Oh Say Old Man, Can You Play A Fiddle?    (Red Williams)
  116. The Drunken Wagoner   (Bob Walters)
  117. Ladies' Fancy   (Ardell Christopher)
  118. Breakdown
  119. Breakdown
  120. Key Of F

  121. Constitution Hornpipe   (Bob Walters)
  122. Breakdown   (Bob Walters)
  123. Breakdown   (Bill Driver)
  124. Key Of G

  125. Jimmy In The Swamp   (Bob Walters)
  126. The Hollow Poplar    (Bob Walters)
  127. Adrian's Hornpipe    (Bob Walters)
  128. Hooker's Hornpipe   (Bob Walters)
  129. Leather Britches    ("Stick" Osborn)
  130. Brickyard Joe   (Tony Gilmore)
  131. Chicken And Dumplings
  132. The Shanghai Rooster
  133. Jordan Is A Hard Road To Travel    (Cy Kines)
  134. Walk Along John    (Bill Driver)
  135. Run Boy Run    (Bill Driver)
  136. Bitter Creek    (Red Williams)
  137. Sally Johnson    (Jack Harris)
  138. Rabbit In The Grass   (Bill Driver)
  139. Limping Sal    (Bill Driver)
  140. Black Sally Goodin    (Vee Latty)
  141. Art Wooten's Hornpipe   (Bob Walters)
  142. The Irish Cobbler    (Bob Walters)
  143. Scott Number One   (Bill Driver)
  144. Scott Number Two   (Bill Driver)
  145. Stoney Point   (Bob Walters)
  146. Katy Hill    (Bob Walters)
  147. Bull Run Picnic    (Cy Kines)
  148. Blackberry Blossom    (Bob Walters)
  149. The Old Gray Mare   
  150. Sitting By The Yellow Gal    (Vee Latty)
  151. Steamboat Round The Bend    (Bob Walters)
  152. Fiddler's Dream    (Bob Walters)
  153. The Dark Haired Girl    (Bob Walters)
  154. Danced All Night With A Bottle In My Hand    (Bob Walters)
  155. The Old Hen Cackle    (Tony Gilmore)
  156. Jockey's Hornpipe    (Uncle William Raines)
  157. Long John    (Bob Walters)
  158. The Fox And Hounds    ("Stick" Osborn)
  159. Breakdown
  160. Breakdown aka Danced All Night With A Bottle In My Hand   (Bill Driver)
  161. Breakdown    (Bob Walters)
  162. Breakdown    (Casey Jones)
  163. Breakdown    (Bill Driver)
  164. Breakdown   aka Jeff City / Katon's Hornpipe   (Bill Katon)
  165. Breakdown    (Bill Katon)
  166. Breakdown    (Waldo Helton)
  167. Breakdown    (John Katon)
  168. Breakdown    (Bob Walters)
  169. Quadrilles

  170. Art Wooten's Quadrille    Bb   (Bob Walters)
  171. Sticks And Stones    G   (Charles Lutz)
  172. Dick McGrale's Jig    A   
  173. Little Red Wagon (Barn)    G    (Charles Larson)
  174. Haste To The Wedding    D    (Bob Walters)
  175. Oyster River Quadrille    A    (Bob Walters)
  176. Marching Quadrille    D    (Bob Walters)
  177. Mission Quadrille    A    (Bob Walters)
  178. A E & D Quadrille    A E & D    (Bob Walters)
  179. Quadrille    C & F    (Bob Walters)
  180. Quadrille    A    (Bob Walters)
  181. Quadrille    C & F    (Bob Walters)
  182. Quadrille    A & D    (Bob Walters)
  183. Quadrille    D    (Bob Walters)
  184. Quadrille    D    (Bob Walters)
  185. Quadrille    D    (Bob Walters)
  186. Quadrille    A    (Bob Walters)
  187. Quadrille    A    (Bob Walters)
  188. Quadrille    F    (Bob Walters)
  189. Quadrille    C    (Bob Walters)
  190. Quadrille    F & C    (Bob Walters)
  191. Quadrille    Bb, F & Ab    (Bob Walters)
  192. Quadrille    A    (Bob Walters)
  193. Quadrille    F    (Bob Walters)
  194. Quadrille    C    (Bob Walters)
  195. Quadrille    G    (Bob Walters)
  196. Quadrille    A    (Bob Walters)
  197. Quadrille    Bb & F    (Bob Walters)
  198. Quadrille    Bb, F & Ab    (Bob Walters)
  199. Quadrille    F, C & Bb    (Bob Walters)
  200. Quadrille Medley    D    (Bob Walters)
  201. Pieces

  202. Charleytown Two-Step    C
  203. Old Ballroom Two-Step    C    (Bob Walters)
  204. Silver And Gold Two-Step    D    (Bob Walters)
  205. John Belden's Two-Step    G    (Bob Walters)
  206. Quickstep #1    C    (Bill Driver)
  207. Quickstep #2    G    (Bill Driver)
  208. Crapshooter's Rag    F    (Junior Daugherty)
  209. Beaumont Rag    F    (Bill Driver & Red Williams)
  210. Trombone Rag    G    (Bob Walters)
  211. Peacock Rag    D    (Gus Vandergriff)
  212. Stones Rag    C    (Bob Walters)
  213. Dixon County Blues    D    (Bob Walters)
  214. Joe Turner Blues    A    (Red Williams)
  215. Kelly Schottische    C & F    (Bob Walters)
  216. Schottische    C
  217. Tunes From Home Schottische    G & C    (Bob Walters)
  218. Schottische    D    (Bell Family)
  219. Schottische    D    (Blackie Morgan)
  220. Schottische    C    (Black Brothers)
  221. Baltimore Glide    G    (Charles Pettis)
  222. Village Polka    G    (Cy Kines)
  223. Old Parnell Reel    D    (Bob Walters)
  224. Oxford Minuet    Bb    (Bob Walters)
  225. Wait Till You Hear This One Boy    G    (Tony Gilmore)
  226. Ragtime Annie    G    (Bill Driver)
  227. Dragging The Bow    A    (Red Williams)
  228. Done Gone    Bb    (Bob Walters)
  229. Echoes Of The Ozarks    D    (Bill Driver)
  230. Piece aka I Don't Love Nobody    C    (Bob Walters)
  231. Piece aka Cakewalk    C    (Bill Driver)
  232. Cake Walk    C    (Bob Walters)
  233. Waltzes

  234. Waltz  aka Isabelle Waltz   C
  235. Waltz   F
  236. Stop Waltz   D    (Frame Davis)
  237. Friendship Waltz   F    (Bob Walters)
  238. Steven's Waltz   Bb    (Bob Walters)
  239. Foot That Faltered Waltz   Ab    (Bob Walters)
  240. Joe Johnson's Waltz   C    (Bob Walters)
  241. Rose Waltz   C    (Bob Walters)
  242. Morning Star Waltz   F    (Bob Walters)
  243. Waltz   C    (Bob Walters)
  244. Waltz (Bill Driver)   C
  245. Butterfly Waltz   C
  246. Stars And Stripes Waltz   C
  247. Tipps Waltz (Bob Walters)   F
  248. Waltz   C
  249. Keller's Waltz   G
  250. Goodnight Waltz    C
  251. Wednesday Night Waltz   D
  252. Sleepy Waltz   C   (Fred Doxstadder)
  253. Swedish Waltz    C  (Bob Walters)
  254. Waltz Quadrille   G

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