Old Time Key of A - Fiddle Tuned To AEAC# (Calico Tuning)

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  1. Bear Creek Sally Goodin (Bob Holt)
  2. Bells Of Mecklenbur (Rafe Stefanini)
  3. Betty Ann (John Ashby And The Free State Ramblers)
  4. Bill Brown (John Salyer)
  5. Black Mountain Breakdown (Oscar Sherwood Scholes - 1971 - St James, Arkansas) by way of Martin-Darrell. Martin adds "This tune was brought to the area in 1865 by William A Younger, returning from his service to Arkansas and the Confederacy"
  6. Black Mountain Rag (Arthur Smith)
  7. Black Mountain Rag (Stripling Brothers)
  8. Bumblebee On A Gourdvine (Benny Thomasson)
  9. Calico (Marcus Martin)
  10. Calico Billy In The Low Ground (Tricia Spencer & Howard Rains)
  11. Chased Old Satan (Canote Brothers)
  12. Choctaw Bill (Canote Brothers) new
  13. Cluck Old Hen (Earl Collins)
  14. Cold Frost Morning (Canote Brothers) new
  15. Come Back Alive (Composed by Greg Canote & played by the Canote Brothers)
  16. Cotton Eyed Joe (Noah Beavers)
  17. Cotton Eyed Joe (George Mert Reves)
  18. Cows In The Pea Patch (Burl Hammons) new
  19. Cripple Creek (Canote Brothers)
  20. Drunkard's Hiccups   (Cecil & John Snow - Old Time Fiddlin' And Pickin')
  21. Drunkard's Hiccoughs (Jim Bowles)
  22. Drunkard's Hiccoughs (Reeves White County Ramblers)
  23. Drunken Hiccups (Tommy Jarrell)
  24. Drunken Hiccups (William Stepp)
  25. Edward In The Treetop (John Hannah)
  26. Fruit Fly Blues (Pete Sutherland)
  27. Grigsby's Hornpipe (Eck Robertson)
  28. Happy Hollow (Marcus Martin)
  29. Hickory Smith (Composed by Greg Canote & played by the Canote Brothers)
  30. Hound Chase (Arnold Sharp)
  31. I Ain't A Bit Drunk (Canote Brothers)
  32. Indian On A Stump (Balfa Brothers)
  33. Jack's Creek Ridge (Bruce Greene)
  34. Jaybird In The Ashbrook (Foghorn String Band)
  35. Jenny Nettles (Canote Brothers)
  36. Jericho (Violet Hensley)
  37. Laughing Boy (Benny Thomasson)
  38. Laurel Lonesome (Bruce Greene)
  39. Lonesome (Pretty) Polly Ann (Lonnie Robertson)
  40. Lost Child (Stripling Brothers)
  41. Lost Indian (Eck Robertson)
  42. Lost Indian (Ed Haley)
  43. Lost Indian (Moss Coffman)
  44. Obama's March to the White House (Composed by Greg Canote & played by the Canote Brothers)
  45. Old Bell Cow (Benny Thomasson)
  46. Old Blue Bonnet (Bruce Greene)
  47. Old Charlie Deckard (Bob Holt)
  48. Old Man And Woman Quarrelling (Sam McCracken)
  49. Old Man Gone (Composed by Greg Canote & played by the Canote Brothers)
  50. Old Stillhouse (Bob Holt)
  51. One Eyed Gopher (Violet Hensley - Old Time Fiddle Tunes CT 9416 - 1974)
  52. Peggy Evens (Bruce Greene)
  53. Pickin Devils Eye (Enos Canoy)
  54. Piney Woods (Burl Hammons)
  55. Polly Ann (Arthur Smith)
  56. PrisonerBoy (Fiddlin' Jim Pate)
  57. Queens Reel (Erskine Morris) by way of Glenn Paterson
  58. Reel du Pendu (Andre Proulx)
  59. Rocky Road To Jericho (Clifford Murray) by way of Howard Rains
  60. Roving Gambler (Foghorn Stringband)
  61. Sandy River (Marcus Martin)
  62. Scolding Wife (Dwight Lamb)
  63. Scolding Wife (Marion Reece) by way of Michael Ford
  64. Snowbird On The Ashbank (Earl Collins)
  65. Solly's Favorite (Emory Bailey)
  66. Tenessee Mountain Fox Chase (Canote Brothers)
  67. Texas Farewell (Fiddin' Jim Pate)
  68. Texas Starvation (Oscar Sherwood Scholes - 1971 - St James, Arkansas) by way of Martin-Darrell
  69. They Swung John Brown From A Sour Apple Tree (Bruce Greene) Also On Jim Taylor's Civil War Collection Vol. 1 new
  70. Three Forks Of Cheat (Edden Hammons)
  71. Walk Along John To Kansas (Canote Brothers)
  72. Walkin' Back to Texas (Composed by Greg Canote & played by the Canote Brothers)
  73. Walls Of Jericho (Muncey Gaultney)
  74. When I Get My New House Done (Marcus Martin)
  75. White River (Gene Goforth)

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